A Handy Sheet of Google Search Modifiers

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Find the ideas here:  http://www.edutopia.org/blog/flip-ela-class-with-blogs-brian-sztabnik?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=blog-flip-ela-class-with-blogs-link


Collaboration Platforms/Tools

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Shared by one of my graduate students:

Real Time Board allows users to collaboratively create brainstorming sessions where they get to share text, pictures, and drawings using links. There is also a chat functionality embedded in Real Board that enables users to chat with each other while brainstorming.

2- Lucid Chart

This is another awesome web tool that students can use for collaborative brainstorming. Its drag and drop interface is pretty basic. Lucid Chart provides you with a variety of canvasses in which you can create different flow charts, mind maps, and organizational charts.

3- Spider Scribe

SpiderScribe is an online mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It lets you organize your ideas by connecting notes, files, calendar events, etc. in free-form maps. You can collaborate and share those maps online



Top 60 iPad Apps for Teaching STEAM Organized by Grade Level

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virtual classrooms

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4 Great Educational Web Tools Are Now Available for iPad

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