Do you want to know specifics?  Read this article on a research study.  Report:

Though most faculty members have still not fully embraced teaching exclusively online courses, many are using technology in an attempt to enhance student-centered instruction, according to the results of a new survey conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA.

These findings are among some of the most interesting insights provided by the 2013-2014 HERI Undergraduate Teaching Faculty Survey, which is based on responses from over 16,000 full-time undergraduate teaching faculty members at 269 four-year colleges and universities.

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Storytelling In eLearning



How Google Impacts The Way Students Think

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Google helps kids learn and experience the world.  OK, but is there another side to the influence Google has on users?  Read more here:

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Another Safe Way to Access YouTube at School

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How to Use YouTube in School. In a Safe Way

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Thanks to one of my graduate students for sharing this tool in class:

SafeShare.TV is the Safest Way to Watch and Share YouTube videos.


For those who have not noticed:  It is not so much about teaching content anymore as it is about student learning.  This article highlights a perspective on this matter.