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I think discussions often fail because we (who excel at academic discourse and can happily talk on topics of interest for hours and days, if not careers) expect too much. We want students to discuss the reading and sustain that interaction for 30 minutes. Why don’t we start by preparing students for discussions in shorter bursts? Why aren’t we using participation to provide the practice and feedback they need to develop discussion skills? Doing so has the potential to improve classroom interaction. – See more at:

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Good reasons and example on how to do it.  Excerpt:

Authentic Learning

Socrates once said, “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” Flipped reading with blogs is a dynamic way for students to control their learning. It revolutionizes the way they view reading and writing, presenting it as a design challenge in which words, images, and format serve to express their ideas.

Co-Teaching Tips

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Always good to revisit since good co-teaching does not just happen… link:

Academic Integrity: Defining Originality across Campus

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How to catch cheaters in all disciplines across campus

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“Teachers must have an abundant amount of trust in their students that they are staying on task when using their own devices in the classroom.”

Why Women Are Better Managers Than Men

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Report based on Gallup research finds  “Higher Levels of Engagement Mean Higher-Performing Workgroups” .

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Intersting article for K-12 also:

Excerpt:  Virtual schools make available a world of new courses — from obscure electives to Advanced Placement classes — that challenge students intellectually and open up new doors educationally.