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Formative Assessment: The Secret Sauce of Blended Success – See more at:

Divided in activities before, during, and after class

The Vital Importance of Conflict Resolution

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About the essential leadership skill to handle adversity


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How the “Bring a Solution” Rule Backfires: About other options

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Practical tips for those who seek to improve their public speaking skills

Are you suffering from “rush” syndrome? Take this 7-point quiz and learn strategies to fix your syndrom

How Tests Make Us Smarter

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The New York Times

Interesting article reporting on a study.  Excerpt:

Standardized testing is in some respects a quest for more rigor in public education. We can achieve rigor in a different way. We can instruct teachers on the use of low-stakes quizzing in class. We can teach students the benefits of retrieval practice and how to use it in their studying outside class. These steps cost little and cultivate habits of successful learning that will serve students throughout their lives.

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