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Develop your slides to make them more interesting, read more at


es, by being mindful of the audience and the response to the speaker, the presentation can be enhanced. The same is true for listening to and being mindful of one’s own body during the presentation. Read some helpful tips at:

Interesting reading in Counter-intuitive speaking lessons from the road at


Check out the many ideas for uses in your classroom in 10 WAYS TO USE BUNCEE BOARDS IN THE CLASSROOM at

  1. Team Project Board
  2. Notebook Sharing
  3. Read Aloud Responses
  4. Classroom Booksnap “Bookshelf” of Reviews
  5. Personal Portfolios
  6. Digital Citizenship Opportunities
  7. Lesson Share
  8. Classroom Culture Boards
  9. Sharing Students’ Favorite Inspirational Quotes
  10. Field Trip Response Board




Give Ludus a try.  Find more info at

This link leads you to very good ideas and how to do them:

SlideBot is a great alternative: