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Meeting the needs of ALL students is always a difficult feat.  We have to pay attention to provide accessibility tools to all who have special needs.  We have to check on the learning outcome of all participants to see if we need to reteach or provide additional resources.  How about minority students?  To some, online education can be a challenge.  Read more here at


An important topic for deans and chairs:

Knowing one another is an important factor in building a strong culture at any workplace.  The publication about corporate culture also has implications for academic ones.  Read more in Communication is about people, not technology at

Read more in Standardization in Online Education at


Inside Higher Ed is pleased to release today our latest print-on-demand compilation, “New Directions in Online Education.” You may download the booklet here, free

Wrong!  Just because they know how to navigate social media does not mean that they also use technology skillfully for learning.  Read more in Blended Learning Myth #1: ‘digital natives’ are happy to work online 


Do you lecture or do you interact with your learners?  How do you engage your participants?  Here is a short list of ideas how to make your chats more interactive:

Synchronous Online Classes: 10 Tips for Engaging Students