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Inside Higher Ed is pleased to release today our latest print-on-demand compilation, “New Directions in Online Education.” You may download the booklet here, free

Wrong!  Just because they know how to navigate social media does not mean that they also use technology skillfully for learning.  Read more in Blended Learning Myth #1: ‘digital natives’ are happy to work online 


Do you lecture or do you interact with your learners?  How do you engage your participants?  Here is a short list of ideas how to make your chats more interactive:

Synchronous Online Classes: 10 Tips for Engaging Students


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Get your very own Google classroom!!!

I love Google!  Check out the new Google classroom.  Find info here:

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An interesting concept to be considered in conjunction with flipped classrooms and project-based learning, among other approaches.  Read more at:


What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a learning strategy that involves bite-sized learning nuggets (small and focused segments) designed to meet a specific learning outcome. To put it simply, the learning content is chunked to reduce learner’s cognitive overload making it easy for learners to absorb and recall. And this results in better learning retention. On top of that, it is easily accessible via mobile devices providing just-in-time performance support.

Microlearning could be anything that provides a brief learning experience. For instance, it could be a mini eLearning module with a smaller chunk of learning content or a video tutorial or even a quiz or an infographic.

How Does an Effective Microlearning Course Look Like?

An effective microlearning course:

  • Provides deeper learning on a specific concept or a performance objective
  • Is bite-sized, effectively chunked and easily digestible
  • Designed for exact moment-of-need – Right information at right time
  • Ideal for extended performance support providing a better mobile learning experience
  • Focused on a single performance objective, concept or idea
  • Is usually 4 to 5 minutes in length, or shorter