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eCampus Weekly MOOC News

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Late March: the calm between two storms

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Bryan Alexander

NERCOMP 2014On March 26th I’ll address the 2014 NERCOMP conference. My topic is, as ever, the future of education and technology, but I’m giving it a twist, thanks to some recent conversations.

My title, “The calm between two storms”, is designed to place the audience in a weird spot.  Some will feel surprised, considering our own time to be one not of calm, but rapid change.  Others will see themselves as having successfully weathered storms economic and/or technological, and not be delighted at the onslaught of new ones.

Good.  I’d like to haul them out of the status quo, and get them thinking.

The old storm is the recent one of mobility and the social web.  

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Online Language Lab on Moodle

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From:  Education Week


…the preliminary research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education found that the overall number of participants drawn to the MOOCs was quite strong, and included students from around the world as well as the United States.

The researchers analyzed the progress of about 800,000 registered users taking online courses taught by Penn’s faculty and run through Coursera, one of the biggest names in the  world of MOOCs.  Read more here:



Avoiding Plagiarism

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From: WeAreTeachers’s Page

What do you think? Agree?

Halina's English Academy

See on Scoop.itHow to teach online efectivelly?

Back in June 2011 I was in Paris for EduSummIT: Building a Global Community of Policy-Makers, Educators, and Researchers to Move Education into the Digital Age. 


EduSummIT was organized by UNESCO (along with other partners) and brought together over 120 scholars, policy makers from over 40 countries. I was part of a Thematic Focus Group emphasizing 21st century learning.


It took two years but finally a special issue of the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning is out with 8 articles all emerging from the conference. Click here for the table of contents

Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan‘s insight:

The Journal of Computer Assisted Learning…

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