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MOOCS: Are They Still Around?

Posted: 06/12/2017 by broadyesl in MOOC, Uncategorized

MOOCS were hailed as the big disruption of the education landscape. Although many organizations offered them, they did not deliver the big change in the world of education. What is the current situation? Read more at Excerpt: Do MOOCs Work? Depends upon what someone means by “work.” Since the usual measures of “success” in taking courses are attendance, grades, test scores, and similar outcomes, only one of these familiar measures has been applied to MOOCs: how many students completed the course?  Attrition has been very high. About ten percent of enrolled students in the early years of MOOCs did all of the assignments, communicated with course assistants, and took the final exam. Sorting out claims of “success” amid sky-high attrition rates has been an issue for both champions and skeptics of the innovation See hereherehere, and here)

All cultures of which I know use story-telling with children and sometimes even with adults. Why is this practice so popular across cultures and educational levels? And how could the world of education benefit from it? Read more The Neuroscience of Narrative and Memory at

Teaching such students requires a different approach to course building, delivery, and communication. Please read more at–h9drnGRCFYTbhL6XezA9PDa0dZkrNRK22FopyecRZ3WuBZwAJqJ5bEy8T51bMIBY-bfqV_Lcnn2IAH8b_afFYfR8rmfMuc-EWcmALP64DybLO6w0&_hsmi=58804544

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