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Educators hold on to many practices to which they were exposed in their educational training. However, as life-long learners, they should investigate if they are actually research-based or not. Neuroscience has provided many answers in the past years. Read more here about what we know in Dispelling the Myth: Training in Education or Neuroscience Decreases but Does Not Eliminate Beliefs in Neuromyths at

We all have been waiting for the final “word” for so long and now, it is pushed back another two years! Well, this delay does not help us online program providers. Read more at

ARe we keeping current for our students? How do we assess our own teaching success? Are we correct in how we judge our teaching? These are some of the questions addressed here at

Why not? Try it sometime. More in Has video killed the red grading pen? at

Western Governors is thinking in new ways.Readd more at