Schools do much to prepare their learners for the future. However, companies and society also provide opportunities for students to acquire and practice such skills. Read here some examples of such initiatives so you can share them with your communities


This looks like a great tool free of charge:

Be ready for what’s happening. One of the predictions: No more quiet libraries! Find a list of 25 education trends for 2018 at Downloadable at eSMtrends2018final1. 

Check out the list and the features of all apps to be informed and know the dangers at

Excerpt list:

1. Whisper

2. ASKfm

3. Private Photos (Calculator%)

4. HiCalculator

5. Hide It Pro

6. Yik Yak

Augmented reality offers a deeper and richer interaction between learners and content. Find here some currently used apps and the reasons for their popularity at

Great rationale and alternatives at 

If you have an excellent idea that could move your organization ahead, don’t be shy. Be a leader and share it. Read about some strategies at