All of us know how hard it is to notice right away when answering the phone if we talk to a real person or to a robot.  How about articles? Would you notice that a piece is written by a human or not?  Can artificial intelligence replace writers?  Read What News-Writing Bots Mean for the Future of Journalism at to learn more

What is it and what can it do? Microcredentials are a great new way to approach skill acquisition without earning degrees or certification.  Read more in this publication: Customizing Professional Development Through Microcredentials at

In the publication 8 digital life skills all children need – and a plan for teaching them, you can learn more.  Check it out at:


Digital citizen identity

Screen time management

Cyberbullying management

Cybersecurity management

Privacy management

Critical thinking

Digital footprints

Digital empathy

Great GOOGLE Add-Ons

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I LOVE Google tools!

Check out 4 Add-Ons to Pair with Google Forms Every EdTech Coach Needs to Know at  Excerpt:

1. Data Director

2. Advanced Summary by Awesome Table

3. Copy Down

4. Autocrat

Maybe not useful, according to Student Course Evaluations Get An ‘F’ at

By Dr. Christel Broady


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Find more at Apple just made its Microsoft Office killer free — here’s how to download it

at this link: