How to Print Google Forms

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Have you ever struggled with printing Google forms?  If so, read here how to solve your issues:   How to Print Google Forms at

Interesting reading teasing apart the intrinsic aspects involved in learning:  How Do You Learn Learning? at

Reblogged excerpt:

Heick (2013) points out these characteristics which are so intrinsic to one’s learning today:
1. Dialogic Response: Learning is a conversation–whether personal, local, and direct, or more general, global, and digitally-based
2. Community Interaction: Communities–including local physical communities, and digital, niche communities–nurture relationships and frame content
3. Abstraction & Creativity: Creativity isn’t just art and whimsy, but the overlap between the macro thinking and micro details to solve the challenges of daily living
4. Media Literacy: Digital media evolves constantly. This makes not simply “keeping up,” but grasping the nuance of platform critical
5. Play: This is the opposite of compliant response to teacher-centered environments. In play, learners freely experiment, show ambition, follow curiosity, and take risks to create, design, evolve, and connect in ways that are otherwise impossible under compulsion
6. Self-Directed Learning: Play is a big part of self-directed learning, but more broadly can include academic response, project-based learning, game-based learning, and other “school-like” learning forms while students hold themselves and one another accountable to their own criteria of quality
As one can see, these characteristics have always been part of learning, except that with today’s option of digital learning, Media Literacies play a major part of the learning process. By Media Literacies, I would like to add that here, I include also the skills of networking, for working across borders in realtime is common practice in many fields. Media Literacies, Digital Literacies, Digital Citizenship  – all inter-connected and essential to learning today.
Which leads me to wonder  how one’s learning may meet what students’ want today?

New research studies about the amazing power of learning in We need to give our brains difficult tasks to understand ‘real thinking’




Globalization requires special skills in dealing with the innovators and employees.  Excerpt:

Common practices make collaborating globally far easier. And they can be a source of competitive advantage. But our research shows that wise leaders focus on the intent of the practice, not the specifics, and encourage adaptation and experimentation to ensure that the practice achieves the desired benefits. Companies that get this right are likely to find that their people are more effective and happier at work. And ultimately, giving employees the space to experiment in this way allows them to come up with new innovations that can be shared elsewhere.

Read more in Research: Why Best Practices Don’t Translate Across Cultures at

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Check out the video Future Of Work – Future Now – Are You Ready? with workplace projections:


Educational Apps for Elementary Schools

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Save yourself some time and check this chart: