New Research App

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Teachers and professors: Check out this research app for you and students created by Ben Rawlings with 2 other colleagues and me. It may be a useful tool for teaching your students!

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Free Google Teacher Certification

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Find the link here:

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New tool at  .  Excerpt:

I discovered Bloomz, a free parent-teacher communication app available for iOS and Android devices. The app lets users share pictures, class updates and private messages, plus organize volunteer requests and parent-teacher conferences.

To set up parent/teacher conferences in Bloomz:

  1. Go to My Calendar and click “Event.”
  2. Click on the date and add time slots.
  3. Choose the duration of each conference.

Parents sign on to the app and pick a time that works for them. When they’re finished, the app notifies me and I can make adjustments if necessary.

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