Find it in “Best Practices in Flipped Class Design”  at

Young teachers use technology more than older teachers.  Yes/No/Maybe?  Read more here:

I am partial in this question.  I always ask my students to recap what they learned as an individual learning assessment.  It is self-guided and self-assessed and provides me with great insight into the way different learners take in the same learning intervention.  The article “Let Students Summarize the Previous Lesson” builds on the same idea but takes a different spin on it.  Read it here:

Read an interesting reflection about the importance of bringing faculty on board to expandquality online education in CA.  There are lessons for other states in the story “Gavin Newsom faults insufficient outreach to faculty in push for online education” at

Building on research on how students learn best and not on what is easiest to teach (AKA MOOCs…)… read morre here in “Hacking higher ed: Will Minerva upend the college model?” @

Professors: Open-book Tests

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Why and how, read more in “Open-book Tests Deserve a Place in Your Courses” at

Feature Film on 21st Century Education

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Check it out: