Digital Children: A Video I Made

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I like the way all important info is put together in one document with lots of resources.  Read “Social Media for Teachers: Guides, Resources, and Ideas” at

Good stuff!

Read research-based study results in “Technology changing teacher’s role” at published by


Women’s History Month for the 21st Century Girl

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Great ideas to consider:

Using Mindmaps in Assessment: a Tool

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Seems like a great tool, check it out!  I will use it myself soon:

Professor Paradigm Shift from Teaching to Learning

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Putting the act of learning instead of teaching in the center of class interactions is a worthwhile effort, which does not come easily for many professors.  It requires a shift in approaching teaching from the perspective delivery instead of content.  What aspects need to be considered? Read more here in “Learner-Centered Pedagogy and the Fear of Losing Control”at:

Created by students in our technology class: