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Be ready for what’s happening. One of the predictions: No more quiet libraries! Find a list of 25 education trends for 2018 at Downloadable at eSMtrends2018final1. 


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What an amazing resource!  Find it here:

Shared by KY graduate student and some surprises for me:

Essential Hardware and accessories for the classroom teacher

  • Apple laptop computer with built-in camera and wireless connectivity
    • SuperDrive (CD/DVD playing and recording
    • Digital camera
    • Thumb drive for quick and mobile storage of information
    • Printer located in room or workroom
    • Projector-presentation, PowerPoints/videos on instruction
    • Scanner- use to scan documents and help organize yourelf/operate in a paperless classroom. Scan hard copies of documents to convert to PDF files and upload into a digital classroom or other digital platform
    • External hard drive-back up all files
    • Palm/handheld device/smartphone-access calendar to keep track of schedules and dates/check email/collaborate
    • Smartboard- can be used/integrated with interactive educational software
    • webcam

Essential Software for the classroom teachers

  • Microsoft Office: Word for word processing, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for certificates, slideshows, outlines.
  • Image Blender is nice because it allows students to edit and have fun with digital photos. They can put a cool frame around their photos, or curl the edges, or draw on it. It’s a great application to resize photos. It also comes with a nice instruction booklet with good ideas to get the kids started.
  • Dance Mat Typing -help students learn how to type using the home row on the keyboard and practice
  • Stationery studio
    • Help students write letters by allowing them to choose a template
    • Use it to create notes/reminders
    • Print sheets to practice handwriting/letters
    • Subscription to Discovery Streaming
    • Smart Note Book Collaborative Learning Software

Source: Education World. (2007). Hardware and Software Essentials. Retrieved from

List compiled by education graduate student:

Microsoft Office-With this software you can create documents within Word not only by you the teacher but by the student. It has capabilities, for the student they can use it for writing, editing and revising documents. For the teacher you can use it for creating documents like lesson plans, calenders, certificates etc. the possibilities are endless. You can do much of the same with Publisher but you can create newsletters, flyers and other items you may need to help in the classroom. Excel can be used to make spreadsheets for progress monitoring and organizing student information. Powerpoint for presentations, Outlook for email, OneNote for collaborating, and One Drive for storage.

Infinite Campus-As discussed last week, it is used to access student information; grades, documentation, etc.

Read Write Gold-Text reader used to give accommodations to students.

Google Chrome (Drive)-Can be used to to store and organize documents for easy access and for collaboration.

Edplan & Goal Tracker-Used to keep track of student IEP goal monitoring and provides graphs and charts when needed for collaboration or ARC meetings.

Lexia & Reading Plus-Reading and Language skill building programs to help those who struggle and to enrich those who need growing.

Compass & MobyMax-Reading and Math skill building programs to help those who struggle and to enrich those who need growing.


Computer/ChromeBook-Use to communicate, store information, access software and internet, etc.

SmartBoard-Interactive way for students to say engaged. The teacher can access the internet on larger screen, allow students to write on the board, show tutorial videos, use clickers to get real-time results for surveys and assessments.

IPad-Allows students to access internet and use software so that it is more portable.

Projector-Makes it easier for a larger group to see a presentation.

Scanners-Scan documents for sharing and uploading.

Printers-to print worksheets and documents.

DVD drives/players-allows text on disks to be played for text readers and gives the teacher a way to play recorded videos or movies that may relate to subject matter.

10 Free Learning Websites for Kids

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Help your kids learn online! #edtech

May 20, 2014
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In today’s news, we bring you the next three steps in a supported and sustained digital content migration. Plus: a look at efforts to remove advertisements from educational resources.
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Recently, there have been efforts by private technology companies to work with the public sector to invest in educational programs. [ Read More ]
By now, digital content is on the minds of most educators. Transitioning to digital content, and ensuring that districts have the policies and practices in place to support and sustain that transition, is not an [ Read More ]
Ed-tech initiatives will always have critics. But administrators can take action and leverage resources to ensure that their one-to-one and mobile learning initiatives are implemented carefully and successfully. [ Read More ]
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Enjoy today’s top articles from leading educators and administrators in K12 
  1. The Minnesota Tundra can’t freeze personalized literacy by Lisa Snyder, PhD, superintendent of schools for Lakeville Area Public Schools (ISD 194) and Trish Harvey, PhD, district digital learning coordinator for Lakeville Area Public Schools ISD 194.
  2. Past Google’s first page: Gauging students’ global search skills by Alan November, senior partner and founder of November Learning.
  3. Blended learning simplified and explained in video by Ben Wilkoff, director of personalized professional learning in Denver Public Schools.
  4. How video conferencing can expand student growth by David Crilley, vice president of marketing at Tely Labs.
  5. The next-gen classroom: Bridging the gap of science and technology by Tami Warr, science teacher at Jordan Middle School in Palo Alto, California.
  6. How Apple can improve students struggling with writing by Jon Smith, technology resource teacher at Alliance High School in Ohio.
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Ankylosaurus Fights Back – Smithsonian’s Prehistoric Pals.
  • ENCOURAGE literacy skills with highlighted narration
  • LEARN new vocabulary with tappable words and pictures
  • RECORD your own narration & share it with others

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