10 Leadership Qualities

Posted: 23/05/2016 by broadyELT in leadership, Uncategorized

Read “10 Qualities of the Leaders I Want on My Team” at http://www.scottcochrane.com/index.php/2016/05/16/10-qualities-of-the-leaders-i-want-on-my-team/


On my dream team I love to see these 10 less celebrated leadership qualities:

  • They are seated, and ready to engage, before the stated starting time of the meeting.

  • In every conversation they focus on you, not their phone.

  • They are “thanking machines”- Gratitude oozes from them.

  • They stack the chairs and pick up trash.

  • They’re not ‘workaholics’, but they stay until the job is done.

  • They respond promptly to emails and voicemails.

  • They show the same courtesy and respect to the maintenance staff as they do the c.e.o.

  • They show genuine interest in the personal lives of colleagues.

  • They offer to help.

  • They stand up for their teammates.

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