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Excerpt about Otus:

It’s not often that teachers come across a technology tool that delivers as much as Otus, much less a free one. With many opportunities to manage grades, class content, and student data, the site can feel overwhelming at first; however, with some up-front investment, teachers will find it a valuable resource for managing instruction and pulling in valuable data points from third-party resources such as Khan Academy, PARCC, NWEA, and more. Use Otus to create and grade standards-based assessments, to get feedback from and about students, including video responses, document uploads, and quick polls, and to access detailed reports to disaggregate data and create more individualized assessments and targeted skill practice. Host topic discussions and cultivate writing skills via a class blog. Draw from the item bank to address specific skills, and then automatically assign an assessment to a group of students you’ve identified.


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The Value of Tenure

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Read more about this topic in the publication Is Tenure Dying? Does It Matter? at

What do you think?

There is nothing wrong with a skillfully presented lecture now and then. However, the future of workplaces demands teamwork and collaborative skills. How does our higher ed training prepare student? Read more at

Find the entire publication at Here is an excerpt:

The key Do’s of presenting:

  • Practice your presentation
  • Introduce yourself to the audience
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience
  • Use props, handouts and videos for added interest
  • Always ask if the audience has any questions
The key Don’ts of presenting:

  • Talk at a steady speed, not too fast or too slow
  • Avoid reading from your slides at all costs
  • Try not to pace up and down due to your nerves
  • Avoid saying ‘um’ within a sentence
  • Try your best not to fidget with your hands

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The future is in supercomputers

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Excerpt of this interesting publication:

Imagine a computer that can determine the appropriate medical treatments on a personalized basis. Imagine a computer that can predict extreme weather events like hurricanes with acute accuracy, enabling quicker and more effective responses.

What you’re imagining is a supercomputer — and this imagination is fast becoming a reality.