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Golden Rules of Leadership

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Excerpt from 5 mindsets that contribute to poor results:

The following five specific mindsets may cause you and others to behave in unproductive ways that diminish results and stifle your ability to work well with others:

  • To be right, not wrong
  • To be respected, not disrespected
  • To be in control, not out of control
  • To be appreciated, not unappreciated
  • To be safe, not unsafe  



Dissent and Disagreement, Unpacked

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Reblogged from Paul Kei Matsuda:



Useful ideas to create safe spaces at work that empower all team members at

About Leading So Others Will Follow

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Does your leadership result in followers? If not, read more here at

Dissent as A Driver For Progress

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How to use disagreement to empower team members. More at

What can you learn from your colleagues and how can you frame your interactions with them? Read more at

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