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Managing Your Research

Posted: 09/04/2017 by broadyesl in research, Uncategorized, writing

A new tool

More than just a reference manager.

An easy and intuitive way to discover, read, annotate,
write and share scientific research



A useful tool for teachers and students:

Great Tool for Academic Writing

Posted: 09/03/2017 by broadyesl in research, Uncategorized, writing

Good tools to have:

A MUST READ for anyone who wants to improve writing.  Find it at:

Check out this program:


Reblogged from Nellie Mueller who commented this on FB:

I just finished creating my own comment list for MS Word to help me mark students’ writing for an MA course. Even native speakers of English at an MA level need grammar and sentence structure, mechanics, and APA style citation/referencing improvements. The trouble with adding comments and giving feedback is that the teacher has to continuously re-write the same comments over and over again with the same results. Students’ writing stays the same. You can create your own list of comments for your EFL, ESL, or any other course where you need to mark papers. I would like to thank Andreas Molander, an experienced EFL teacher from Denmark for developing the program and making my life less frustrating and helping my students improve their academic writing. It’s free so why not try it: