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A while back, I purchased a Misfit fitness- and sleep tracker.  It looks more like jewelry and not like a wearable device. It works a lot different in that it is a very small, round device that can be worn in a variety of ways at different parts of the body. The device is super easy to set up and to sync.  The  battery change is also very easy.  I was also excited to receive regular replacement batteries via mail when I needed them. I loved my Misfit!

However, when I ordered replacement armbands in different colors, I was disappointed with the quality.  All of them ripped after a few uses.  They could not hold the device anymore and are useless now.

Also, since last week, the Fitbit quit working altogether.  I will contact the company and find out if they will make an effort to repair or replace the item.

Stay tuned; I will update this Blogpost after hearing back from the company.  Fingers crossed…