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A new publication from KnowledgeWorks, Leveraging Digital Depth for Responsive Learning Environments, explores the potential future impacts of using wearables, AR, and VR in the classroom and other learning environments. The report also encourages educators to develop a critical filter to sift through the hype and determine the value and use of these new technologies.



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For example, Google Cardboard is a pair of cardboard glasses into which one inserts a smart phone. Downloadable apps allow students to view musical performances and to take virtual field trips around the world and into space.

Each set of glasses costs about $16. Thousands of schools in the United States, Australia, Brazil and the United Kingdom are piloting Google Cardboard’s virtual field trip software called Expeditions this year, says Google spokesperson Emma Ogiemwanye.

This type of technology can be integrated into any subject area, says Shelly Terrell, an education consultant and e-learning specialist.

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I LOVE Wearable Teachnology: I-Backpacks

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I am wondering if this is not already true, in some ways, for many youngsters today??? Very interesting video/presentation “Ray Kurzweil: Humans will be hybrids by 2030” at

I LOVE this topic and the possibilities, future innovation holds for digital pedagogy.  Learn more here in “Wearable Enhanced Embodied Learning”  at