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Finally: Netflix Downloads on iPhones

Posted: 01/12/2016 by broadyesl in Uncategorized, video

This is great for traveling!  I checked it out and it works.  First, update your Netflix all.  Then, you will be able to access the list of downloadable pieces.  Look for a download symbol next to the movie or episode of a series and click it to download.  Voilá, you are downloading.

Read “Tips for Recording Video for the College Classroom” at

Making Screen Casts/Videos

Posted: 29/08/2015 by broadyesl in google tools, Screencast, video

Great Google Chrome Extension check out here:

Great Animated Movie Maker Platform

Posted: 03/04/2015 by broadyesl in movie making, video

I LOVE this platform and have used it.  Check it out:

Just watching videos by itself does not produce learning per se.  Accompanying activities and segments of the videos need to be carefully chosen to result in learning.  Here is more about this topic:


Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University are using crowd-sourced conceptual outlines to help learners get more out of educational videos. Read more in “Research: Outlines Improve Learning from Videos” at