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Applications for Education
Typito falls somewhere between the simplicity of Animoto and the complexity of a full-fledged video production tool. It could be a good tool for students to use for quick video projects like making book trailers or promotional videos for school events.


Important info for all who flip the classroom, online instructors, and other educators:

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Always great stuff by Shelly Terrell.  Excerpt:

Research indicates that one of the most effective ways students learn is by teaching others. In my new book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom (published in September), students are sent on a mission to instruct others by creating their own video tutorials. Other ways students can teach others is by creating explainer videos (sometimes called One Take Videos), Do It Yourself (DIY) videos, or How-To Videos. These videos help students visualize and explain in their own words their understanding of the topic. Additionally, these videos save you time if you are flipping instruction and need a library of instructional videos. No need for you to create the videos. Your students will have a much valuable learning experience if they create their own. Future students can learn with these videos and create others to demonstrate the same concepts. Below are some tips, web tools, and resources to get your students started.

Try it sometime!  Exciting possibilities and fun projects abound.  I LOVE Google.  Find more info here:

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