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The best edtech PD isn’t about technology



A blogger’s opinion on this topic in Are Tech and Learning Compatible at

Teachers often feel defeated about their work conditions. Why is this? Read more at

I frequently encounter teachers and professors who do not master technology well. Also, they often exhibit a reluctant attitude towards it. This lack of skill and disposition is not acceptable today. Teachers and professors train learners for careers that do not even exist. We absolutely must develop more effective ways to train all educators, Pre-k to college, so that they want to learn and then do acquire new skills. Read more about this topic at

VERY interesting study of attitudes in this survey report.  Excerpt:

Professors are slowly gaining confidence in the effectiveness of online learning as more of them teach online, Inside Higher Ed‘s 2017 Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology reveals

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The statement in the heading reflects what all teachers tell me on a daily basis.  And, to make matters worse, many college professors also state the same sentiment! We must stop this downward spiral and not just keep up with the tech skills of our learners but to surpass them.  Find more in the topic at

Read the case of one teacher and his tech journey in How an Anti-Tech Teacher Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Edtech at