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Check them out and notice them:

The short list:

1. Whisper

2. ASKfm

3. Private Photos (Calculator%)

4. HiCalculator

5. Hide It Pro

6. Yik Yak

I could nor believe it and tried it out.  I really works.  This is great for countries without reliable Internet and for users without data plans.  Find more information at

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Interesting to know when working with internationals!  In my home country, WhatsApp is the most favorite one…

Updated  features,

Read  Everything you need to know about Facebook Like-Farming at

Find more info here:


To start a broadcast inside Twitter, tap the button to compose a new tweet and then tap “live.” From there you can frame your shot and start your video. During the broadcast, viewers who see your broadcast on their timelines can tap in, comment, and send hearts. If you’ve used Periscope, it will all feel very familiar — and if you haven’t, it’s fairly intuitive. (Twitter had previously added a Periscope button to the app, but tapping it just redirected you to Periscope or to an app store to download it.)