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Read about 7 components of PBL that are essential for success in Making Project-Based Learning Essential With the Essential Fluencies at  Specifically, read about:

  • Real-World Oriented
  • Relevant
  • Collaborative
  • Involves Knowledge Quests
  • Media-Driven
  • Creative
  • Assessment-Aligned



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A teacher’s report, useful for new users.  Find at


6 Lessons Learned

1. Set clear goals.

2. Over plan.

3. Make students accountable for their time.

4. Give concrete deadlines for products.

5. Share rubrics in advance.

6. Reflect on what you are doing.


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Read “7 Tips for Creating Memorable Learning Experiences”  at

to find some practical ideas, such as in this excerpt from the original publication:

Hurley’s tips for Great Projects:

  1. The first great project Hurley discovered was packing an egg so it could drop from the stadium and not break. Why not do something similar?
  2. Say, “Here is what I want you to learn.” Let students figure it out as much as possible.
  3. Don’t praise students too much so they know they earned it.
  4. Students forget things over the summer. Get them to build a video library of things they are supposed to remember.
  5. The quality of their work will improve when they start praising each other’s work. “When students know that others will see their work, they want it to be good,” Hurley said. “When it’s just the teacher, they want it to be good enough.”
  6. Have them watch videos others have made to get ideas.
  7. Remember that kids want to know they can make a difference.

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