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Read some reflections from a superintendent:  Superintendent: Gen Z achievement soaring with student choice at

Interesting discussion of possibilities of personalized learning and data protection, excerpt:

Where we have problems is with more generalized AI that could power avatars like Clifford and make them convincing teachers. Core to this is two capabilities. One is the ability to recognize how a human learns and then to test educational strategies and methods to find those best suited to each individual. The other is the ability to interact with humans on a more event footing — more like a person-to-person interaction rather than man-to-machine.

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What role can libraries play to support teachers and students in reaching their goals?

Personalized Learning

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A term that comes up in education circles.  What is it and why should we care?  Read 5 Ways to Personalize Instruction at

Video and story:

The 5 steps and the apps to implement them (excerpt):

  1. Whole-group instruction
  2. Guided practice
  3. Independent practice
  4. Reflection

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