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Wrong!  Just because they know how to navigate social media does not mean that they also use technology skillfully for learning.  Read more in Blended Learning Myth #1: ‘digital natives’ are happy to work online 


Learning and pedagogy require different approaches.  Read more here at “About e-learning: a second thought”

Red “Do Educators Need Media Literacy as Much as Students Do” at

The Case for Teaching Online Literacy

Posted: 13/02/2015 by broadyesl in online literacy

What can students really do with technology?  Can they use it effectively for learning?  Read more in “Study: Large online literacy achievement gap exists.  Many students lack ability to evaluate the reliability of information on the web” at


 Today’s students may be skilled at texting and social media, but many are unable to perform online research and distinguish accurate information on the web, according to a new study.

Further, there is a large achievement gap in online reading ability between students in economically disadvantaged districts and their peers in wealthier schools.