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How well is OER utilized in K-12? And why? Find answers in Open Educational Resources haven’t upended the way that K-12 schools get course materials – yet at


OER have been hailed as a solution to the ever-present access to quality materials in K-12 schools. However, the promise is mostly still a promise and the actual implementation process has been slow. Read more at

Excerpt from the Hechinger Report:

In K-12 schools, however, where open educational resources have been hailed as an opportunity to democratize high-quality curriculum and break the publishing oligopoly, OER has had a slower uptake. There’s a lot of buzz around OER in schools and districts, but actual practice hasn’t reached systemic levels.

Most school districts now say that open educational resources are part of their overall curriculum-selection strategy; fully 80 percent of IT leaders responding to the Consortium for School Network’s latest survey on the topic said this was the case in their districts.



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