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Get your latest news at Udacity Official Declares MOOCs ‘Dead’ (Though the Company Still Offers Them) at


MOOCS are Dead. What’s Next?

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Read MOOCs Are “Dead.” What’s Next? Uh-ohat

MOOCs and Beyond

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Read “Internet courses go through learning curve”  at

Interesting aspect for course designers and teachers,  Excerpt:

ABSTRACT Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have recently experienced rapid development and garnered significant attention from various populations. Despite the wide recognition of MOOCs as an important opportunity within educational practices, there are still many questions as to how we might satisfy students’ needs, as evidenced by very high dropout rates. Researchers lack a solid understanding of what student needs are being addressed by MOOCs, and how well MOOCs now address (or fail to address) these needs. To help in building such an understanding, we conducted in-depth interviews probing student motivations, learning perceptions and experiences towards MOOCs, paying special attention to the MOOC affordances and experiences that might lead to high drop rates. Our study identified learning motivations, learning patterns, and a number of factors that appear to influence student retention. We proposed that the issue of retention should be addressed from two perspectives: retention as a problem but also retention as an opportunity.

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NOOC Instead of MOOC: Interesting Concept

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Taking skill acquisition to a new level, NOOCs aim for learners who see to acquire specific and targeted skills instead of taking a “course-like” MOOC where they have to work through learning experiences not needed. Read more here:


Are MOOCS Done?

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After a huge hype over MOOCs, there has not been much talk about them lately in media.  So, here is one that sees a bleak future for MOOCs as the big disruptors of education.  Read more in “Campus Tech 2015: Move Over MOOCs” at