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What’s New With MOOCS?

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An interesting report: MOOCs Attracting More Paying Customers at


What’s Going on With MOOCS?

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Do they still exist or are they a thing of the past? Did enrolled students like them and, more importantly, did they learn from them? Read an update on all those topics in The Metamorphosis of MOOCs at

MOOCS: Are They Still Around?

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MOOCS were hailed as the big disruption of the education landscape. Although many organizations offered them, they did not deliver the big change in the world of education. What is the current situation? Read more at Excerpt: Do MOOCs Work? Depends upon what someone means by “work.” Since the usual measures of “success” in taking courses are attendance, grades, test scores, and similar outcomes, only one of these familiar measures has been applied to MOOCs: how many students completed the course?  Attrition has been very high. About ten percent of enrolled students in the early years of MOOCs did all of the assignments, communicated with course assistants, and took the final exam. Sorting out claims of “success” amid sky-high attrition rates has been an issue for both champions and skeptics of the innovation See hereherehere, and here)


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Get your latest news at Udacity Official Declares MOOCs ‘Dead’ (Though the Company Still Offers Them) at

MOOCS are Dead. What’s Next?

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Read MOOCs Are “Dead.” What’s Next? Uh-ohat

MOOCs and Beyond

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Find the article here:

Read “Internet courses go through learning curve”  at