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An interesting aspect of the changing discipline of literacy in Can Social Networking Boost Literacy Skills at  Esxcerpt:

Perhaps text messaging, social networking sites and blogs are a new form of literature that will soon be studied in schools in the way that books, plays and poetry are now. In Scotland, new curriculum literacy guides specify that children should be familiarized with new media and taught modern communication methods so that they will be able to function in today’s workplace. The guides emphasize the importance of teaching students how and when to use particular communication methods. For example, students are taught to avoid using abbreviated text language in e-mails in which formal language might be more appropriate.

The jury is still out on whether studying Shakespeare will be replaced by reading Taylor Swift’s tweets. Parents who want their children to become more literate probably know what they want the answer to that question to be. Still, if your child is blogging or spending time on a social networking site, the news is not all bad. Research suggests that young people who blog are reading and are becoming more confident writers.


Resources for Technology Literarcy

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While the challenges to fostering literacy among today’s students are growing, so is the power of the tools at educators’ disposal. With the generous support of myON, we’ve assembled this collection of stories and resources to help you use technology to empower literacy in your schools.
Inside this free resource, you’ll find:

Read this great article that makes the connection from technology to literacy and common core.

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The Technology Integration Planning Cycle is a guide to help teachers integrate digital technology into literacy instruction in meaningful ways that are consistent with the Common Core State Standards.