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A new platform with lots of potential:

What can it strwamline> Excerpt:

  • Interactive Whiteboard- Draw freehand or insert text and shapes.
  • Quick Poll- Select from eight types of questions including multiple choice, true/false, essay, and creative response.
  • New Lesson- Create one or more cards that contain text, pictures, and shapes.
  • New Activity- Categorize items, crossword puzzle, flashcards, labeling diagrams, matching, memory, sequencing, timelines, Venn diagrams, and word search.
  • Assessments- Build different types questions to check for understanding including, multiple choice, true/false, short answer, essay, and creative response.


As always, Nik Peachey has great ideas.  Excerpt:

As teachers we frequently promote ourselves in our modern role as facilitators rather than knowledge owners and yet when we get into the classroom so much of what we do tends to be telling rather than asking.

Crowdsourcing information is about doing the opposite. It’s about collecting information from the room and beyond and enabling our students to share what they already know and develop their knowledge together.

Find more in Digital skills that teachers need for the classroom #3: The ability to crowdsource information at

Try it out!

So much fun!


1-Lesson Plan

This is a great template to use for lesson plan presentations.

2-Students Certificate

This one is for creating customized certificates to reward students for their achievements.

3- Field Trip

This is another excellent Slides template students can use to showcase what they have learned during a field trip

4- Book Report

This handy template allows students to easily create and share book reports

5- Science Project




Great ideas in Ten Ways to Use Google Earth In Your Classroom at

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