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Do students embrace the idea of being makers or is this paradigm the next best idea from tech ed such as MOOCS?  Find an interesting discussion in Do students buy into maker culture? at



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Here are just a few of the fun facts and findings:

  • 96 percent of parents think that paper is “an essential part of children being able to achieve their educational goals.”
  • Among junior high and high school students, 70 percent prepare for tests by taking handwritten class notes, and 60 percent make and use flashcards.
  • 50 percent of seventh- and eighth-graders agree they “learn information best if they write it down by hand.”
  • College students like paper, too: 81 percent, for example, say they always or often use paper tools to prepare for exams.

So there you go — an (admittedly promotional) plug for good old paper. It’s also a reminder of how pervasive paper remains in schools today, and it’s not just the paper industry saying it.

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Finally, a great initiative. 



7 Learning Zones Every Classroom Must Have

Posted: 03/08/2015 by broadyesl in K-12

Make your classroom over into spaces for discovery and learning by dividing it in zones.  Read more here in “7 Learning Zones Every Classroom Must Have” at