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15 Rules of Netiquette for Online Discussion Boards at


What is involved in instructional design? See an infographic here:–the-periodic-table-of-instructional-design&

Read “Learning is created, not communicated” at to experience a personal account of a learner experience as well as the reflection of a professional in this insightful piece.

Relevant Reflections can be found here:


Simply put, the foci of e-learning programmes in the different sectors could be set apart like this:

E-learning in educational sector → assessment
E-learning in corporate sector → compliance/systems
E-learning in NGO sector → … (empowerment)

This is a great reading for anyone who just plans courses by using a syllabus as a roadmap.  As we know, there is so much more involved in successful learning than creating a syllabus!  Read more in “How a Course Map Puts You on Track for Better Learning Outcomes” at

An interesting viewpoint grounded in adult learning principles is offered in “‘Discussion forum’: don’t let the name of the tool put you on the wrong learning design track” at

I will definitely rethink my approach to discussion activities in my own courses after this enlightening reading…

Read an interesting reflection about the importance of bringing faculty on board to expandquality online education in CA.  There are lessons for other states in the story “Gavin Newsom faults insufficient outreach to faculty in push for online education” at