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What’s in store?  And how will it change the HE landscape?  Some thoughts at


This topic warrants some training for educators to be ready for the developments in technology and how fast stduents are able to utilize them for cheating.  Read more in Nearly a third of U.S. teenagers use technology to cheat at

Interesting information for all of us at

Here is the list that is discussed:

  • Physical Payment Methods
  • Remote Controls
  • Physical Entertainment
  • Keyboards
  • Keys
  • External Storage Devices
  • Service Workers
  • Personal cars
  • Plows
  • Paper Documents

Be in the loop on the latest developments coming your way.  Download and review the  NMC/CoSN Horizon Report > 2017 K-12 Edition at


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I can’t wait for these innovations to be available!  Read more at

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