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The future is in supercomputers

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Excerpt of this interesting publication:

Imagine a computer that can determine the appropriate medical treatments on a personalized basis. Imagine a computer that can predict extreme weather events like hurricanes with acute accuracy, enabling quicker and more effective responses.

What you’re imagining is a supercomputer — and this imagination is fast becoming a reality.


Amazing tech innovations from MIT! Find more at this magical process at

Interesting developments,

A Blog Post by the amazing futurist Bryan Alexander. I recommend that you follow his Blog. Read the entry at

Do E-Readers Replace Paper Books?

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Not so fast. Read more in How Technology Is (and Isn’t) Changing Our Reading Habits at




Personalized learning, Computing 1:1, distance education, and so many more buzzwords dominate our educational discussions. How do the new ways of thinking about teaching and learning affect schools, buildings, classrooms, and instruction? Read more here at