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Charts are a great way to convey information…if they are done well.  Read more at

Great classroom tool for formative assessments!

A picture speaks more than a thousand words… All teachers know this.  However, many of us often struggle in creating a visualization of content.  The article in the link provides a number of solutions to teachers.

Here is one excerpt:

Find a list of various tools for visualizations for 6 categories of data:


According to this periodic table shared by Visual Literacy, visualizations are divided into  6 categories:

  • Data Visualization
  • Information visualization
  • Concept visualization
  • Metaphor visualization
  • Compound visualization
  • Strategy visualization



Infographics are a great formative assessment of mastery of content since they synthesize it to its essence.  Try it out.  Students can create them in minutes.  If you have technology at hand, use this tool:

If not, just use the old paper and pencil method