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  • Simply Send– Easily send the results of a Form to a list of people that you specify.
  • formRecycler– Reuse questions from other Google Forms.
  • formRanger– Allows you to populate multiple choice, list, checkbox, and grid options from columns in any Sheet or Doctopus roster.
  • Advanced Summary– Generate charts and filters based on a Google Form response.
  • Form Values– Store and use selections for multiple choice, list, and checkbox questions that you find yourself using over and over again.


Teachers, this is a good PD offer for all who need to catch up on digital literacy at .  Did I mention it is free?  And did I mention that you will receive a free curriculum for your own teaching after the completion of the course?  Excerpt of Course content:

The course includes five interactive units:

  • Teaching students about internet safety and privacy, including setting strong passwords and privacy settings
  • Staying safe on the go by securing your mobile device and avoiding harmful downloads on your smartphone
  • Savvy searching, to help students evaluate the credibility of online sources of information
  • Staying safe from phishing and other scams
  • Managing online reputation, including protecting sensitive information

Three stars by me!  ***

Fond a step by step procedure at

Everyone know knows me has read that I highly encourage using digital tools with English and all other learners.  Read more on how to do this at Areas of discussion:

  1. Access to Mentor Texts
  2. Co-Construct Criteria for Writing
  3. Shared Writing:
  4. Real-Time Intervention
  5. Integrating Other Supports
  6. Transparent Revision Process
  7. Providing Feedback

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Excerpt of the great informatic:



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