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How to Print Google Forms

Posted: 23/06/2017 by broadyesl in google tools, Uncategorized

Have you ever struggled with printing Google forms?  If so, read here how to solve your issues:   How to Print Google Forms at

I love Google products! Excellent tools at

See the new reveal here:

at Excerpt:

Here are the links to the add-ons featured in the visual:

I LOVE Google tools!  Find the downloadable PDF here:

Awesome new feature!  Check it out here:

Get your very own Google classroom!!!

Great GOOGLE Add-Ons

Posted: 24/04/2017 by broadyesl in google tools, Uncategorized

I LOVE Google tools!

Check out 4 Add-Ons to Pair with Google Forms Every EdTech Coach Needs to Know at  Excerpt:

1. Data Director

2. Advanced Summary by Awesome Table

3. Copy Down

4. Autocrat