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Looks like a useful product. A disclaimer: the company contacted me with the below information:

Hi Christel,

You may know Kaizena for voice comments, but our Lessons feature is actually what saves our teachers the most time. I lead teacher support at Kaizena, and wanted to make sure you knew about this.

Lessons give you a way to save voice or text comments, so you can reuse comments instead of recreating the same comment over and over again! You can create a lesson for common student mistakes, to link to educational resources (linking to short Youtube explainer videos is quite popular), or for any comment you just want to use more than once.  To add a lesson, click the lightbulb icon:

You can install the Kaizena Add-on for free HERE.

If you’ve already created Lessons or Skills on the Kaizena App (at, no need to create new ones: you can access them from the Google Docs Add-on!

As always, if you have any questions just reply to this email!

Kerry Smart
Teacher Support Lead

Such a cool add-on to infinite possibilities!!! At

Find at

Find info at to learn this much-needed skill

a new tool: AutoMastery Google Forms Add-on at

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