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Great GOOGLE Add-Ons

Posted: 24/04/2017 by broadyesl in google tools, Uncategorized

I LOVE Google tools!

Check out 4 Add-Ons to Pair with Google Forms Every EdTech Coach Needs to Know at  Excerpt:

1. Data Director

2. Advanced Summary by Awesome Table

3. Copy Down

4. Autocrat



This step-by-step process is to cool, check it out!

Google Searches for Real Nerds

Posted: 18/04/2017 by broadyesl in google tools, Uncategorized

Find here:,2817,2486825,00.asp?platform=hootsuite

Read 4 Unbelievably Useful Chrome Features at for examples that work

At  Excerpt:

What’s in the Google Keep Cheat Sheet?

Inside this 9-page PDF download, I break down all of the menu items and features with screenshots, including how to:

  • Create notes and lists
  • Create reminders
  • Create and add labels
  • Archive notes
  • Delete notes
  • Send feedback
  • Get help
  • Access keyboard shortcuts
  • Add collaborators
  • Change color
  • Add images
  • Add drawings
  • Copy to a Google Doc
  • Search and filter notes
  • Pin notes
  • AND MORE!!!

Great tools that I use myself.  Check them out here:

I LOVe Google

Great stuff  some of which I never knew before:

So many possibilities! I love Google!