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Language classes benefit greatly from virtual field trips.  But some teachers wonder how to do them and how to actually make the trip into a lesson.  Find some information in “5 ways to make the most of virtual field trips” at

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For example, Google Cardboard is a pair of cardboard glasses into which one inserts a smart phone. Downloadable apps allow students to view musical performances and to take virtual field trips around the world and into space.

Each set of glasses costs about $16. Thousands of schools in the United States, Australia, Brazil and the United Kingdom are piloting Google Cardboard’s virtual field trip software called Expeditions this year, says Google spokesperson Emma Ogiemwanye.

This type of technology can be integrated into any subject area, says Shelly Terrell, an education consultant and e-learning specialist.

Ten of the best virtual field trips

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No money?  No resources?  Need to expose kids to the world? Try virtual field trips!


The benefits of virtual field trips are well known: They’re inexpensive—often free—and are less time-consuming than a real trip. But researching which virtual field trips are best can prove labor-intensive, and many resources are out-of-date.

To help educators save time, we’ve chosen these 10 virtual field trips based on their relevancy, depth and quality of resources, and potential for student excitement.

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No Excuses: Virtual Field Trips

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What can it be and how? Read more here:

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