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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As scientific understanding and artificial intelligence leap forward, many professions—such as law, accounting, animation, and medicine—are changing in dramatic ways. Increasingly, these advances allow non-experts and machines to perform tasks that were previously in the sole domain of experts, thus turning expert-quality work into a commodity. With new technologies displacing workers across many fields, what will be the likely impact on the teaching profession? Will machines replace teachers?

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We can’t teach as fast as things change.

By things I mean information. Perspectives. Ideologies. What’s socially acceptable and what’s not. Our collective cultural biases and intellectual prejudices.

Educultural views on homosexuality, edtech equity, homeschooling, bullying, accountability, and academic standards.

Edtech views of big data, cybersecurity, YouTube, social media, texting, smartphones, and the cloud.

How students see “school.”

How the world sees itself.

What we read, and why.


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