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Here is a short list. Read at the link why you should know such apps:

1. Whisper

2. ASKfm

3. Private Photos (Calculator%)

4. HiCalculator

5. Hide It Pro:

6. Yik Yak

Watch a video and read an article explaining the connection with a research report at

And yes, there is a connection…

Hm, this is a creepy thought.  Will check this out…



The findings appeared in JAMA Pediatrics.

Currently 72 percent of children and 89 percent of adolescents have at least one device in their rooms and most are used just before to going to bed. These devices are believed to affect sleep by displacing, delaying, or interrupting sleep time; psychologically stimulating the brain; and affecting circadian timing, sleep physiology, and alertness.

Sleep disturbance in childhood has been found to have physical and mental health consequences, including poor diet, sedative behavior, obesity, reduced immunity, stunted growth, and mental health issues.


How safe is the use of Alexa?  Read more here at Just How Dangerous Is Alexa?

School Policies Regulating Digital Safety

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