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About how yo carefully guide students in the establishment of their digital persona. The very interesting approach in one district. An excerpt:

“What you put online reflects on you for years and years,” Wiley says. “Often, students have trouble with that concept. They see it as ‘here and gone’—if they delete something online, they think it’s gone. Once you get older, you realize it’s never gone.”



The issue of cyber hygene is especially importyant to teach to learners as part of the digital curriculum! More at

We need to teach students digital literacy including a care of what kind of persona they create online. Here is one reason: Survey: Social Media ‘Fair Game’ in Admissions


Interesting points are made at

Schools do much to prepare their learners for the future. However, companies and society also provide opportunities for students to acquire and practice such skills. Read here some examples of such initiatives so you can share them with your communities

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