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The issue of cyber hygene is especially importyant to teach to learners as part of the digital curriculum! More at


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I am personally FOR using them. However, only if teachers built their lessons around digital tools that involve the productive use of smartphones.

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Excerpt: As digital tools continue to infiltrate college campuses, students and educators alike should rejoice. McGraw-Hill Education’s 2017 Digital Study Trends Survey found that 60 percent of students indicated digital learning tools have at least slightly improved their grades and have been very or extremely helpful in their academic life. Overall, the students said that laptops — over things such as print materials and smartphones — are the devices they are most likely to use in class, for homework, and for exam prep. A whopping 86 percent labeled laptops as an important tool for studying while only 33 percent said the same about smartphones and tablets. The surveyed students indicated that laptops are particularly effective because of the ease in online search and communication, as well as the portability of the device and accessibility of the tools.


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