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Are you teaching in a classroom with any of the following conditions (excerpt):

1. A device poor class with limited home broadband access.

2. A device rich classroom with limited home broadband access.

3. A device rich classroom with mixed home broadband access.

If so, read Teaching in the Digital Divide: Classroom 1 of 3 at


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Relevant data for educators in Rich and poor teenagers use the web differently – here’s what this is doing to inequality at

It is easy to misinterpret behaviors if one is biased or lacks knowledge of digital possibilities.  Here is the story of one of such misjudgments that went around the world. Link to article .  What do you see?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.13.23 AM

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An interesting discussion of how native languages shape the experience of internet use.  Read “The digital language barrier: how does language shape your experience of the internet?” at

The digital divide still exists!  Here is a new Dep. of Ed guide:

Get Microsoft Office products for free.  Check here:




“Teachers must have an abundant amount of trust in their students that they are staying on task when using their own devices in the classroom.”