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Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity—these are the “Four Cs” that P21has identified as critical skills for 21st century learning. As educators rethink their lesson plans to cater to these skills, one focus area that could help is AV and media skills.

In addition to facilitating learning in multiple subjects, media projects, presentations and online communications advance the uptake of all Four Cs of 21st century learning. Without a crystal ball that tells us exactly what skills our students will need in the future job market, AV projects are a great place to begin preparing students.

Teachers can leverage classroom technology such as projectors, headsets, audio systems and more to prepare students. Here are a handful of ways teachers can make the most out of AV tools for 21st century learning.


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I hope that K-12 education will prepare students to be good collaborators.  What should they learn?  Read some practical ideas in Making the Most of Collaborative Projects at

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Only 33% out of 600,000 students assessed were “success ready” in terms of 21st Century skills such as decision-making and initiative, according to a 2014 study conducted by Gallup, Microsoft and the Pearson Foundation. The Graduate Gap white paper by PAN, a PSI Business, presents a powerful reason why and prescribes a simple recipe for colleges and organizations to better prepare the next generation of workers for career success.

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