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In the world of automatization, it is CREATIVITY.  Read more in Why creativity will drive the next industrial revolution at

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I find the idea of basic universal income very intriguing…

What we need to teach besides materials and knowledge.  More at Why Emotional Learning May Be As Important As The ABCs at


Read some ideas how schools could prepare learners.  A list of discussed skills:

-Problem-solving skills to think critically and analyze

-Learning skills to acquire new knowledge

-Communication skills, including reading and writing

-Personal skills for self-management, making sound judgments and managing risks

-Social skills for collaboration, teamwork, management, leadership, and conflict resolution.

What prepares our learners for the demands of the future?  Read more here at



Lots of data and tables with interesting information;  Excerpt:

4. Those with fewer non-cognitive skills are being left behind.

This final chart shows that almost all of those who are in the top 25% in non-cognitive skills complete high school, and more than half complete a degree.

 Figure 4