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Today’s classrooms are full of immersive high-tech tools—but at the same time, schools and districts are being pushed to promote social-emotional learning (SEL) and improve school climate. Since spending too much time looking at various screens can hinder the direct connection between people, here are four real-world examples of tech helping students connect on a human level with their peers, their teachers, and the world around them.


As many countries are debating minimal universal income for all citizens to be ready for a world in which many citizens will not find work anymore, we need to face the reality that in the USA, too, many jobs will be replaced by robots and AI. Read more in Robots could displace 800 million jobs at

A good discussion in Will Artificial Intelligence Knock You Out Of Your Job By 2020?


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And yes, many jobs will be replaced by AI and robots. Therefore, we need to rethink education and skills to address the new needs.

Some countries already decided on paying all citizens an automatic minimal salary because so many jobs will disappear in the near future. How does your school prepare students for the challenge of career preparedness? Read more at

Generation Z will face a different career landscape. How do schools prepare students for the skills of creativity and openness to approach problem-solving in a world dominated by technology? This publication proposes cross-curricular activities as one way to approach more effective student training. This approach has deep roots in a project-based curriculum of middle schools, spanning different areas of the curriculum. Read more at

Teach students this for their career readiness. Find the piece at