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Essential BYOD Considerations

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BYOD Teacher Management Tips: Getting Started with BYOD

  1. Keep control of student use, and make sure devices are not in use whenever anyone addresses the class;
  2. Have students support each other;
  3. There should be consistent consequences for off task behavior;
  4. Bring the device out only when it is needed;
  5. Know what each device can do;
  6. Walk around the classroom to spot problems;
  7. Always have a “Plan B” to work around tech issues;
  8. Communicate appropriate use;
  9. Set clear expectations;
  10.  Let go of control;
  11.  Be flexible;
  12.  Explore gaming as a teaching tool and an incentive;
  13.  Assign group roles; and
  14.  Teach responsibility.

SOURCE: eLearning2 Professional Development