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Introducing LEGO® AR Studio – a new augmented reality experience from LEGO® – where you can play with digital versions of selected LEGO® sets in your real-world scenes!

Mix digital versions of selected LEGO® sets with your physical LEGO® scenes. Record the action and save movie clips directly to your device.

Create and compose your own LEGO® AR scenes!
• Select and place a collection of LEGO®  AR sets on any real-world surface.
• You decide how to place, move and position everything – just as you want it
• Imagine, create and play with scenes that mix your own physical LEGO creations with LEGO AR sets.

Explore and investigate LEGO® AR sets
• Check out all the fun animations and details of your LEGO® AR sets from new perspectives.
• Search and collect special Golden Bricks hidden around the LEGO® AR Sets and scenes.

Control and direct your LEGO® AR set
• Select and take control of your LEGO® AR vehicles and characters, part of the LEGO® AR sets
• Make your LEGO® AR sets respond and interact with each other in fun ways.

Play out your stories.
• Try out movie-making, framing the right shots just as you want.
• Perform and act out stories using your imagination – save the action as movie clips directly to your device.

Experiment, play and let us know what you think about extending your creative play possibilities even further – making your very own scenes and movies with LEGO® AR Studio!

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