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created by my education technology graduate students


Created by my education technology graduate students



Read more in “This Man Invented a Font to Help People With Dyslexia Read”,df022abd-dacb-3fd5-7fb6-efc2ca1de2d6

I am never failing to be amazed by the new platforms created by GOOGLE.

Check out this new tool:

Read & Write – An Accessibility App for Google Docs


Some of the accessibility options include a picture dictionary and a talking dictionary. To use either dictionary just highlight a word then click on the dictionary that you want to use. The dictionary that you select will pop-up in your document. Read & Write will also read the text of your documents aloud. In the settings menu you can select from nine voices and three playback speeds. Learn more about Read & Write in the video below.

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By my students:

Generated by my students: