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Digital Feedback to Student Work

Posted: 27/09/2017 by broadyesl in assessment, Uncategorized

I love using technology for learning and I think assessments are a great way to use it. Read more at


Sometimes, students don’t “get” teacher feedback which makes comments useless.  Here is an idea how to be very explicit.  Read If You Look At Student Work Take a Screenshot at

Self Assessment is a powerful learning tool.  Read more about one teacher’s experience at


The Results

I’ve only been officially gradeless for less than a quarter, but the results have been astounding. As soon as the students came to understand and be comfortable with the process, my inbox has been continuously flooded with their emails asking me, “What can I do better?” The conversation has completely shifted from getting a grade to learning. It’s been amazing! Similarly, when I communicated this process to students’ families, I thought I would be walking into the lion’s den. Of the 80 families who received that communication, I heard back from only three — and all three said, “Sounds awesome.” All in all, it’s been a wonderful experience, and a true illustration of the power that the written word can have over all of us. (Thank you, Mark Barnes!)


Read SMART Goal Setting With Your Students at


Great ideas in Flipping Feedback: Screencasting Feedback on Student Essays at