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The best apps for your new Windows 10 PC

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Great Education APP:

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12 Awesome Edtech Apps

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Removing APPS from Your IPhone

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  • Word Lens – translates signs
  • Soople – sits on top of google – search engine
  • Wordle – use it to assess documents like resumes, etc. to show which words or themes are used most frequently
  • Tagxedo – upload picture and words conform to picture
  • Twitter – class sites –  give to student to tweet out some of what is being discussed in class
  • Twijector – just show me this hashtag – so students can tweet and you can then just go to that hashtag and see what they are asking about
  • ‘What happens in an internet minute?’ – find the picture
  • – creates infographics
  • – creates infographics
  • Infogram– creates infographics
  • Supermemo – help you remember things
  • – creates flashcards, assesses your forget curve
  • Duolingo – language tool and social – forget curve
  • The Mixxer – language tool
  • GeoGuessr – shows picture from somewhere in the world and you guess where it is and it shows you how close you are..
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Edistorm – Crowd Sourcing – online strategizing – yellow sticky notes – vote on notes
  • Zite / Flipboard – develops your personal magazine
  • Pocket – offline viewing
  • Easybib – APP – citation generator – phone snaps pic of isbn and you get the reference
  • Starwalk
  • Spyglass
  • Wikitude
  • Evernote Peek
  • Todoist – To Do List
  • Ifthisthenthat – – app
  • Look for research from Harvard related to synchronous communication in online classes
  • Trello – small group to project management
  • Go2Web20