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A few years ago, I purchased an iPhone 5S along with a warranty at the local Apple store.  The warranty was pricey for about $100 Dollars. However, as a user who had a water-trip disable my phone even with the most careful handling and a Lifeproof case and another phone burst when it slipped out of my lap on the ground (with a Lifeproof case), I wanted to have some sense of protection.

Yesterday, my iPhone 5 quit working and gave me the error message 2001 and Error #9 during the rebooting process.  I was unable to get it back to work and went to the Apple store for see on of the Geniuses there.  I was informed that the phone had some unknown error and that Apple would replace the phone to me.  I also verified the following:

-Apple will replace phones that have technical problems forever

-Apple will replace phones twice for issues caused by me

Since the issue was not caused by me, I still have 2 replacement options for defects caused by me.  Phew, I feel a lot better…

Last, I also purchased an iPhone 6Plus and a Galaxy phone a while back at a T-Mobile Store and got them with warranties.  So far, so good.  No issues with them.  I will let you know how the T-Mobile warranties compare to the one from the Apple Geniuses…

Be safe!

Stay safe


Read about the why and how of peer evaluations.  Excerpt:

The critique process for students is challenging for several reasons.

  1. Many of them are new to the concepts, theories, and language of design, so they don’t necessarily know what to say or how to say it.
  2. They don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, so they are weary of expressing dislike for another’s design choices.
  3. They are terrified by what others may say about their work, so they don’t say anything about anyone else’s.
  4. Some simply will not care or have an opinion. As an educator, this is the most frustrating group because I have yet to find a way to combat this level apathy.

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