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Great ideas in  21 Chrome Extensions for Struggling Students and Special Needs




What a great new innovation! More at

Something educators should read:  Technology opens new world for brothers with dyslexia at  about two students, a pen, and different font



Excerpt from this excellent article (make sure to read the entire piece):

The DIAGRAM (Digital Image and Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials) Center site has a number of substantial sections:

  • Making Images Accessible: “[R]esources developed by the DIAGRAM Center to help content creators provide image descriptions.”
  • 3D Printing, Tactiles and Haptics: “New technologies for creating tactiles and tactile experiences [to convey] spatial information”
  • Accessible Math: “[M]ultiple ways for students to interact with math content, including equations, graphs, and other notation.”
  • Born Accessible Publishing: “[R]esources to help publishers and the myriad of other new, digital content creators understand the basics of how to make content born accessible”
  • Research projects: Descriptions of several different DIAGRAM Center research projects with links to examples, demos, and further information.

I strongly recommend the information and tools available in the “Making Images Accessible” section of the site if you’re want to better understand how to make accessible the images you use in your teaching (and / or share electronically with your students).

Help Your Students: Dyslexia Font

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Assist your students with one simple trick:  use fonts they can all read: