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A timely video on a topic that all teachers must take seriously. Find it at and share it with your communities.


Even teachers who adhere to their school’s acceptable use policy can, at times, be tripped up when using social media for instruction. One problematic area is privacy. At

Read very relevant information in Evolving Issues With Social Media and Appropriate Usage for Students and Staff at


Because of this schools have had to adjust policies to ensure the safety for all across platforms both in and out of school. Additionally, since teachers and students have access to each other, the lines of appropriateness of student-teacher relationships can also be problematic.

Find them here:

Technology develops rapidly and teachers are often trying to catch up with their students on how to use it.  That said, there is one area where teachers MUST stay ahead of their students.  This area is the legal rights and responsibilities regulated in policies.  Here is more info generated by my educational technology students: