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Stay informed, teachers!  Lot’s of new possibilities around to express much more than smiley/sad faces anymore!  Read more here:,amp.html


Important considerations to ponder.  Find at


We can’t teach as fast as things change.

By things I mean information. Perspectives. Ideologies. What’s socially acceptable and what’s not. Our collective cultural biases and intellectual prejudices.

Educultural views on homosexuality, edtech equity, homeschooling, bullying, accountability, and academic standards.

Edtech views of big data, cybersecurity, YouTube, social media, texting, smartphones, and the cloud.

How students see “school.”

How the world sees itself.

What we read, and why.


An entire group of young and hip stars are watched and followed by our young generation.  We would be well advised to keep up with what young learners pay attention to in order to connect best to them in classes and activities.  Here is a short list:  MEET THE YOUTUBE MILLIONAIRES: These are the highest-paid YouTube stars of 2016 at

21st Century Learning

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Great reading:



Insight from Industry leaders

What are your thoughts?  I have long been hoping for and working towards substantial reforms in education.  We need to prepare students for a new digital world with different skill sets and abilities.  Read more here at