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From Excerpt:

A new publication from KnowledgeWorks, Leveraging Digital Depth for Responsive Learning Environments, explores the potential future impacts of using wearables, AR, and VR in the classroom and other learning environments. The report also encourages educators to develop a critical filter to sift through the hype and determine the value and use of these new technologies.



Schools do much to prepare their learners for the future. However, companies and society also provide opportunities for students to acquire and practice such skills. Read here some examples of such initiatives so you can share them with your communities

The personal account of one educator realizing that he prepared how students for a world of yesterday instead of a world of tomorrow. Interesting story that may ring familiar to many of us. At

What do students want?  If we want to find out we just need to ask them.  Do your own surveys and read the findings of the Survey: More Than Half of Students Want Their Classes to Go Digital at



The shortlist:

  • Video conferencing
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Next-generation projectors
  • Workspace innovations
  • Social platforms for business
  • Machine learning tools
  • Crowdsourcing tools
  • Driving new opportunities




A school-wide model assists learners best in achieving this goal.  Read here how one district goes about their plan:  Future-forward: How to incorporate the 5th ‘C’ of 21st Century learning at