Facilitating Classroom Discussion: Considerations and Tool

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Read How Good Are Your Discussion Facilitation Skills at https://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/teaching-professor-blog/good-discussion-facilitation-skills/ and download the instrument


Teacher Discussion Facilitation Instrument

Provokes Discussion
1. My teacher simulates debates during class discussions.
2. My teacher makes controversial or debatable statements during class discussions.
3. My teacher plays devil’s advocate during class discussions.
4. My teacher encourages students to challenge other students’ points of view during class discussions.
5. My teacher asks the class whether we agree or not with other students’ interpretations during class discussions

Organizes Discussion
6. My teacher organizes class discussions to ensure a structured presentation of material.
7. My teacher helps keep class discussions on track.
8. My teacher redirects class discussions if they are getting too far off point.
9. My teacher organizes class discussions so that there is a clear direction.
10. My teacher directs topics and conversations to make sure the course material is covered during class discussions.

Questions Students
11. My teacher asks open-ended questions during class discussions.
12. My teacher asks probing questions during class discussions.
13. My teacher asks leading questions during class discussions.
14. My teacher asks students thought-provoking questions during class.

Affirms Students
15. My teacher encourages participation during class discussions.
16. My teacher is patient during class discussions.
17. My teacher waits for students to answer questions instead of immediately sharing his/her opinion or providing the correct answer.
18. My teacher treats students with respect during class discussions.
19. My teacher creates a relaxed atmosphere for class discussions.
20. My teacher communicates appreciation for student contributions during class discussions.
21. My teacher values what students say during class discussions.
22. My teacher summarizes and draws conclusions during class discussions.

Corrects Students
23. My teacher corrects wrong answers during class discussions.
24. My teacher helps us understand incorrect answers provided during class discussions.
25. My teacher uses constructive criticism during class discussions.

To collect feedback from your students, please use the Word doc below. The document contains the full list all 25 behaviors, but they’ve been reordered and are no longer grouped by the five factors researchers identified for e


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