Innovation: Amazon Airborne Fulfillment Centers, Warehouses in the Sky

Posted: 30/12/2016 by broadyesl in innovation, Uncategorized



Excerpt: The Death Star of E-Commerce

…Or Amazon Blimps, whichever you prefer. If you thought drones were cool, then get this: Amazon (-0.90%) is contemplating “airborne fulfillment centers.” Why, you ask? Amazon drones (which are already being tested) use a lot of energy taking off and navigating to households. With the help of these AFCs, delivery drones could more easily cruise to their destination from the skies. These blimp-like airships would be holding items at 45,000 feet and would be restocked by smaller ships and shuttles—yes, kind of like Star Wars. The plans for this real-life Death Star were not stolen from the Imperial Army, but were uncovered in a patent that Amazon applied for nearly two years ago (and won this year). With insanely fast Prime deliveries and massive revenues, Amazon is ending one of its best holiday seasons with a bang. The sky truly is the limit.



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