A Framework for Digital Citizenship: Free Download

Posted: 16/11/2016 by broadyesl in digital citizenship, Uncategorized

Mike Ribble at www.digitalcitizenship.net:

Framework with nine key elements that help define how to best use technology in every school, home and community. They’re organized into three primary categories:


  1. Digital access: Advocating for equal digital rights and access is where digital citizenship starts
  2. Digital etiquette: Rules and policies aren’t enough — we need to teach everyone about appropriate conduct online
  3. Digital law: It’s critical that users understand it’s a crime to steal or damage another’s digital work, identity or property.



  1. Digital communication: With so many communication options available, users need to learn how to make appropriate decisions.
  2. Digital literacy: We need to teach students how to learn in a digital society
  3. Digital commerce: As users make more purchases online, they must understand how to be effective consumers in a digital economy



  1. Digital rights and responsibilities: We must inform people of their basic digital rights to privacy, freedom of speech, etc.
  2. Digital safety and security: Digital citizens need to know how to protect their information from outside forces that might cause harm
  3. Digital health and wellness: From physical issues, such as repetitive stress syndrome, to psychological issues, such as Internet addiction, users should understand the health risks of technology

find it here:  http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/1818747/Downloads/Digital_Citizenship_Downloadable_10-2016_v11_web.pdf?__hssc=12275691.2.1479295570837&__hstc=12275691.36a472557326101a65e950faf11dee58.1465526267655.1478664381141.1479295570837.6&__hsfp=823740420&hsCtaTracking=51514a34-f7d8-42f3-b450-4c16c2548e88%7C3454e13c-3ba1-4a99-ad06-350db31ca3c4




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