Two more 21st-century technologies appear

Posted: 25/08/2016 by broadyesl in Uncategorized

Bryan Alexander

Sometimes something appears and you experience that “science fiction becoming everyday life” feeling.  I track these, as they are fine signals of the future.

Here are two from this week.

First, from the realm of 3d printing, an octopus-thing has been printed into life!  Harvard calls it an octobot, or “the first soft, autonomous robot.”

Harvard’s octobot is pneumatic-based, i.e., it is powered by gas under pressure. A reaction inside the bot transforms a small amount of liquid fuel (hydrogen peroxide) into a large amount of gas, which flows into the octobot’s arms and inflates them like a balloon.

There’s a video, of course, which can’t be embedded in WordPress, so use this link, or gaze upon a screengrab:


Popular Science thinks it’s still in early days:

The fuel, circuits, and motors are all printed within the octobot’s body. Right now, the autonomy consists of the machine deciding when to…

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