Handling Difficult Workplace Conversation

Posted: 22/06/2016 by broadyesl in leadership, Uncategorized


Here’s a five-step process for a difficult conversation.

  1. Give voice to all the saboteurs that are present. Interviewing them. Now we are not our saboteurs. We are in our Director mode and hearing what these saboteurs have to say.
  2. Get familiar with the emotion—to give yourself the space to be with it. Ask yourself where you feel it in your body. With your Director in charge, just be with the feelings. See what happens when you face the discomfort. Let whatever emotion shows up be there and notice how it changes and moves. Your job is not to change it; it is just to be a curious and compassionate observer of it.
  3. Using the practice of be before do, ask yourself who you need to be in order to be effective in this conversation.
  4. Have the conversation now. A lot of times, we put things off because we’re waiting for the right time.
  5. Celebrate your learning. Recognize that when we’re learning something new like riding a bike, we will fall off and scrape our knees a few times. We may choose to practice vulnerability and even acknowledge that this is a difficult conversation for us.

Read the entire piece here at http://www.transformleaders.tv/week-45-the-courage-to-speak-up/

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